Town of Jamestown

The Town of Jamestown is located in Boulder County, Colorado, 12 miles northwest of the City of Boulder. It was incorporated in 1883, after gold was discovered near Jim Creek in the 1870s. The Town has a population of approximately 300 people. Within our Town is Jamestown Elementary School, one of the few remaining “one-room” schools in the country; the Jamestown Mercantile (presenting live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night); and the Jamestown Community Church. Jamestown experienced a traumatic flood event on September 11, 2013 that lasted for three days. During this event we not only lost 13% of the homes in town, 50% of the roads, our water plant and the JVFD Fire Station, but we lost a much-loved patriarch of our Community, Joe Howlett. As a result of the flood, 90% of our community was forced to relocate. Since the flood, we have been working diligently toward our town’s recovery. Learn more about our Flood Recovery here.

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Monday, September 26, 2016 at 7:00 pm

Town Hall - 118 Main Street, Jamestown, CO 80455




·         Roll Call

·         Approval of Agenda

·         Announcements



·           Rock Sol Presentation of Lower Main Street Bridge Design Options



Discussion, Direction, Action: 

·         Update on 2016 Sustainability Grant (Erika) – Direction on and Approval of options

·         Approval to apply for Zero Waste Grant

·         Permission to use the Howlett Buy-out Property. 

·         Maintenance agreement for Buy Out properties

·         Resolution 9-39, Series 2016 – A Resolution Appropriating Additional Sums of Money to Increase Amounts Budgeted to the Town of Jamestown, Colorado Roads & Bridges Budget

·         Approval of CDBG-DR Traffic Calming Engineering Project with Boulder County & AECOM as part of the CDBG-DR repaving project.

·         Resolution 9-40, Series 2016 – A resolution accepting a grant from the State of Colorado, Division of Homeland Security Emergency Management (DHSEM), def funds for CDBG-DR Rose M extension def-jam-02

·         Approval of ACE Engineering Task Orders

·         To: Task Order 5 Amend 7 Jamestown Reconstruction HMGP-Bridge rev 1-signed

·         To: Task Order 5 Jamestown Reconstruction Reconciliation 03-03-2016 signed


·         Update on the amendment of the nuisance ordinance, Ordinance 01, Series 1997, to include junked and abandoned vehicles

·         Discussion of amending Ordinance 2, Series 1997 Prohibiting Discharge of Firearms or Disturbance of the Peace within Town Limits as it pertains to firing rubber bullets, sand bags, etc. to deter bears & removing noise constraints with regard to deterring bears

·         Comprehensive Plan Update

·         Drainage and Storm Water Management Master Plan Update

·         Xcel Energy streetlight exchange – Update & Issues

·         Update on Gillespie Gulch Project

·         Recovery Management Update




Invitations to Bid:

The Town of Jamestown continues to work on a number of recovery projects. Open invitations to bid may be found in PDF format at the bottom of this home page.

Town Square Park Project Update:

Please see the Addendum below with important updates about bidding for the Town Square Park Project.

All bids submitted by the Proposal Due Date (Tuesday, 9/27, 10 AM) are welcome!

Know a contractor? Please pass this invitation along to them.

Important Links:

Persons with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations by contacting the Town Clerk at 303-449-1806.The Town does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics in compliance with all state and federally funded grant projects.